Best Time To Visit India

The Best Time To Travel

India is such a vast country that all kinds of climate exist. The desert in the north are dry, while Himalayan mountain are icy cold. Assam is one of the wettest spots in the earth and on the other side Kerala state rarely cools off. Generally, weather of India is pleasant except April and May are consider hottest month. But you can beat the heat to travel beautiful hill station of India with scenic beauty. The best time to visit India between September to March.

Month Wise Guide


January marks winter for most of India and a dry month with almost no region in India receiving any rainfall. This month consider as best month for sightseeing. North India can be fairly cold and foggy in January. As long as you are carrying a few woolens, pair of warm socks and something to cover your ears at night one should be fine when traveling across North India. You can expect most of the Himalayas blanketed under a layer of snow. It is a great month to ski if you are considering visiting Gulmarg in Kashmir. South India can prove to be a great escape from this cold grasp as the weather in South India usually never gets uncomfortably cold. Sightseeing in places like Goa,Kerala, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu can be pleasure to one’s eye.


After a relatively cool January, things start to get warmer in February. It is one of the best months to travel in India as the whole country is in the joy of the spring season. You can experience various events taking place such as Suraj kund fair and Goa Carnival. All major Hotels of cities are very busy in this period, so it is our advised plan your trip well in advance for confirm booking.


March is a very popular month to travel with great weather and colorful Holi celebrations. A free-for-all carnival of colors, where participants play chase and color each other with dry powder and colored water with some carrying water guns and colored water-filled balloons for their water fight. Anyone and everyone in fair game, friend or stranger, rich or poor, man or woman, children and elders. Just remember to take clothes which you don’t mind covered in paint.


With rise in temperature nationwide and with drying water holes makes April exceptional time for a wild life safari. Plan your excursions early mornings and early evenings as the temperature tend to rise during the daytime. You can escape the heat by visiting the beautiful Darjeeling hills and Himachal hills.


Just because of low season, Hotels offer discount during May, but we do warn of the very high temperatures of up to 45°C (approx) and the humidity, which can be very uncomfortable. Some camps close, as does desert accommodation. Wildlife sightings continue to be at their best early in the morning and early evening.


Whilst the whole country awaits monsoon, thunderstorms and high humidity can be experienced in some southern states and the Himalayas. But on the bright side, stunning region of Ladakh is now accessible which truly exhibits the beauty of India.


By the second week of July the whole country is in celebration of arrival of monsoon. Great weather provides stunning view of the Ladakh region.


With the ongoing rains and high water levels means August and September are considered the best month to travel along the Ganges, between the holy city of Varanasi and Patna. Bookings are done well in advance so plan accordingly.


September marks the end of monsoon as well as the Ladakh season. September offers extravagant value in Rajasthan. Travel to south India and Himalayas are not advised until the monsoon ends.


October marks an official end to monsoon and warm sunny days return in north India, unpredictable showers may still be present in southern states. It also marks the start of peak travel season so make your bookings well in advance.


With delightful weather and variety of festivals in November it is consider as one of the best month to travel anywhere in India. Festivals like Diwali, the festival of light and celebratory fireworks takes place across the whole country. Pushkar Camel Fair of Rajasthan is also another blissful event one can witness.


A travel through South India is a popular choice during the Christmas holidays, with weather being sunny and warm it’s important to secure best accommodation beforehand. North experiences cold winter mornings and evenings with pleasant mid day temperature. Flight prices are at peak so book as early as possible.

India Climate Guide

Place Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Agra 22°C 26°C 32°C 38°C 42°C 41°C 35°C 33°C 33°C 33°C 29°C 24°C
Amritsar 19°C 23°C 27°C 34°C 39°C 40°C 36°C 34°C 35°C 32°C 27°C 21°C
Calcutta 27°C 29°C 34°C 36°C 35°C 33°C 32°C 32°C 32°C 32°C 29°C 26°C
Chennai 29°C 31°C 33°C 35°C 38°C 38°C 36°C 35°C 34°C 32°C 29°C 29°C
Cochin 32°C 32°C 33°C 33°C 32°C 29°C 29°C 29°C 29°C 30°C 31°C 32°C
Darjeeling 11°C 13°C 17°C 20°C 21°C 21°C 21°C 21°C 21°C 20°C 17°C 14°C
Delhi 21°C 24°C 30°C 36°C 40°C 40°C 35°C 34°C 34°C 33°C 29°C 23°C
Goa 32°C 32°C 33°C 34°C 34°C 31°C 30°C 29°C 30°C 32°C 32°C 32°C
Jaipur 23°C 25°C 31°C 37°C 40°C 39°C 34°C 32°C 34°C 34°C 29°C 24°C
Jodhpur 25°C 28°C 33°C 38°C 42°C 40°C 36°C 33°C 35°C 36°C 31°C 27°C
Mumbai 28°C 29°C 31°C 32°C 33°C 32°C 30°C 29°C 30°C 32°C 32°C 30°C
Shimla 10°C 12°C 16°C 21°C 25°C 26°C 22°C 21°C 21°C 19°C 16°C 12°C
Varanasi 24°C 27°C 34°C 39°C 42°C 39°C 33°C 32°C 33°C 33°C 29°C 25°C